Muslims vs. Christians
My other main current project is the selling of A Gift for the Sultan, the novel I finished just before Xmas (or was it Ramadan?). Here's the new summary going out in queries to agents:
In the summer of 1402, Constantinople, the greatest city in the Christian world, is betrayed to the Islamic horde at its gates, but a young princess vows to save it while other nobles, merchants, clergy, aristocrats, juvenile street fighters and foreign mercenaries prepare to profit, yield for a price, fight, or die in its defense. The fate of the city and its civilization depends on all of them and on the Turkish frontier raider who has sworn to deliver the city and the princess to his sultan, in time to prevent a fateful clash with an even more terrible Muslim challenger from the East.

On their journey to the East, the world�s most sophisticated Greco-Roman urban culture confronts the traditions of honor, magic and power of the Central Asian steppes. Based on actual events of July 1402, the novel is a re-imagining of a clash that reverberates through our world today.

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