What happens next?
For a darker view even than mine, see The Road to Perdition: America 2000-2005. However, contrary to what I wrote a few days ago, I now think that France is probably safe from an all-out US bombing campaign, which I expected to follow on the destruction of Iraq. Now I think it more likely that Iraq itself will be the destruction of the US war machine. The assault will continue, because of the powerful inertia behind the build-up -- I don't think Bush or Blair could stop it if they wanted to. Which means that there will be more and more degradation of the "Coalition" armies as they lay waste to Iraq. Even if they get Saddam, the Iraqi resistance will continue -- possibly even more effectively without Saddam. So for many more months, maybe years, Iraq alone (if it remains alone -- Iran and Syria may get involved) will be enough to prevent these two powers from waging aggression elsewhere.

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