Natural History

We did all troop over to the Museum yesterday. Lion and Bear, being virtual and therefore invisible to anybody but each other and to me, got in free. S, my human partner, who is not just virtual but also physical, paid for her & me (well, it was my birthday, after all). The animals wandered off on their own while S & I looked at the Vietnam exhibit. Bear came back depressed -- seeing his stuffed cousins in the display cases had done that to him. Lion was antsy; his stroll through the "African Mammals" gallery had made him hungry. We left them to their own devices, and S & I went out for some very human food at one of my favorite Greenwich Village places: Alfama, featuring Portuguese cuisine (bacalhau to die for), was offering a free meal on my birthday (wine not included, & S had to pay for her own, but still, a really great deal). If you like seafood and fado (performed live on Wednesdays, played on the stereo last night), you must visit Alfama.

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