Blockheads and blogheads

I thought I was going to do something clever by inverting Dr. Johnson's remark to "Only a blockhead would write for money." Forget that idea -- it was so good and so obvious, that 7 trillion people have beaten me to it, as I found when I Googled for the quote. There's a whole blog called Blockhead (it has some good stuff -- you may want to check it out), and another, more literary site telling about Samuel Johnson's own hack writer career. I recommend it; I learned quite a bit of writerly lore from that article by George H. Smith. Anyway, I already gave my thoughts as to why we, or at least why I, write, in the May 14 posting. (Not for money.) It should be in the "Archives" (left column of this page). If it doesn't show up and you want to see it, let me know and I'll be happy to share it.