"Lizzie" & Lisa: political counterpoint
This just came from the National Labor Committee. To me, it's an example of powerful graphic propaganda, just the kind of thing we need to see more of. And I don't use "propaganda" -- propagating one's point of view -- pejoratively. I just think "ours," defending human rights, should be as dramatic as "theirs" defending privilege. We've got things like the NLC and this Fox blog, they've got big media like Fox News (no relation).
Disney's new hit movie "Lizzie McGuire" follows the life of an "ordinary" girl suffering the daily humiliations of junior high school. How does her life compare to the lives of the teenage girls who make Disney products? Click here to download a new leaflet--and bring a few of your friends to hand it out in front of the movie!

(For background on the campaign to return Disney's production to the Shah Makhdum factory in Bangladesh, visit www.nlcnet.org)

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