Letters from Spain
We're off to Spain later today, and will be there till the end of the month. Next blog entry will probably be from an Internet café in Malagá or possibly the humble, always active little computer center in Carboneras, Provincia de Almería, on the Costa del Sol. It may be a day or so before I get a chance to put anything new here. Among the things I want to write about (but am too busy packing right now to do so): Can you have "good" politics presented in "bad" art? And what about politics itself as (performance) art? Last night we saw part one (nearly three hours) of La Commune (Paris, 1871). (We were too exhausted to stay for part II, which is almost as long.) I have a lot I want to say about that movie, and about the Commune, which has been a passionate interest of mine for a long time. And of course, there will be a lot about Spain.

Meanwhile, for a sample of how I would dramatize the Commune, I invite you to take a look at my screenplay, Courbet and the Red Virgin.

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