You're probably not be old enough to recall that, at the conclusion of a state visit in 1964, French President Charles de Gaulle declared, «Le Brésil n'est pas un pays sérieux.» (I suppose the general, all stiff two meters of him, just couldn't catch on to the samba.)

And here we have the California recall circus, Texas legislators fleeing to Albuquerque to avoid Republican steamrolling of redistricting, federal government-imposed terror alert color codes to make people nervous to no purpose (because they don't suggest any particular action), a war on terror that inflicts terror (what, after all, does "shock and awe" mean?) and is designed to provoke more terror (because it closes down on legal means of protest), an economic policy that has turned a record surplus into a record deficit so that the rich become richer, all presided over by a dummy who lost the election but we let get appointed anyway.

Les États-Unis n'est pas un pays sérieux.

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