Living memorial
Our TV set is a living memorial to September 11. Every time we look at the flickering, unstable images on the few channels we can see at all, we remember how clearly things came in before the True Believers destroyed the Twin Towers on which the networks' antennas perched. We don't much mind, though. We can still get Univision, our main source for TV news. It has become disappointingly flaccid lately, but no worse than the other channels from what we can see and hear (the audio is still pretty good on most stations). All the Stateside stations want to smother critique in patriotic cliché. Well, there's always Radio France Internationale, with their early morning newscast, but I'm out of practice listening to French and miss a lot. But at least it's a different perspective -- much deeper analysis of Muslim concerns, for example. And of course there's the Internet, with access to the world. I especially like Perspectiva Ciudadana.

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