CBS wants to keep you in ignorant bliss
I borrowed the following from John Battelle's Searchblog. No point in rewording what he has said quite well.
Loads of folks have commented already on this, but I wanted to add what I could to the meme, if only to insure one more protest is lodged in this particular record in the database of intentions. It boggles the mind how deeply lame CBS's decision to deny MoveOn's ad is. CBS claims "the network has had a long-term policy not to air issue ads anywhere on the network." Uh huh. Lessig comments that somehow a War on Drugs ad from the Bush White House, a blatant piece of "issue advocacy", made it through the CBS filter. Not to mention all the presidential advertising lucre CBS will be happy to suckle over the next 10 months. You're telling me an RNC- or DNC-funded attack ad won't be an "issue ad"? Did CBS refuse the Willie Horton ad back in 1988? What the fuck is going on here?
Close quote. I (Geoff Fox, not John Battelle) just called Les Moonves, President of CBS, at (323) 575-2345; the receptionist transferred me to a "comment line" (attached to a tape recorder? Who knows?) where I could spout off. MoveOn asks that after you call (please do) you let them know by going here.

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