Remembering a little incident in a big struggle

I got a surprise phone call yesterday from John O. Jones, editor of the Fulton Leader in Fulton, Kentucky. He'd found a reminiscence on my web site, about a tense time I'd spent in his town in 1966, and about some young town fellows who behaved very honorably and helped us out. Jones wanted permission to print my essay for Black History month. Sure! I'm glad people there are interested. Meanwhile, in case you don't subscribe to the paper, you can click to read Freedom Drivers, or, a Busy Day in Fulton, KY - a civil rights memoir.

Jones told me that Jubie Henderson had been a highly regarded artist in Kentucky and Tennessee, and that he had died, all of which was a big surprise to me. His son wrote me a year ago to say he was living outside of Memphis TN.


trgreen in KY said...

Just read your story about the
"Fulton, Kentucky" experience in 1966. I own several numbered and signed prints by Jubie Henderson (I inherited them from my mother)and was trying to get some info about him. All I found on the internet search was a reference about him in your article. Any links or advice about more info sources?

gef said...

Sorry, trgreen, but I don't know anything more than what I said here. Maybe try the Memphis TN phone book. If you reach him, give him my regards.