We are a mass movement!
What a thrill to be in that crowd in Washington yesterday! Were you there? Sorry I didn't see you, but there were just so many people, it's no wonder we didn't run into one another. From this excellent article on the march by Cameron W. Barr and Elizabeth Williamson in today's Washington Post, it appears that we really were over a million people demanding respect for women's rights, including abortion rights mainly but more than that. "Don't mess with Texas women," proclaimed the T-shirts of a crowd of at least 40 men and women marching behind two big Texas state flags. You wouldn't want to mess with any of them. A big, big crowd came from Ohio, Oregonians were also there in force, and -- well, those are just a few of those I could identify. Pagans, Catholics, evangelicals, even some Republicans were in our crowd. And we're going to vote and get our friends to vote. But that's not all: such massive mobilization proves that the desire for democracy is not dead in the U.S. of A., and whoever wins is going to have to pay more attention to the popular will.

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