The funny paper
Kudos to Deborah Solomon. The NYT Magazine is sometimes amusing, but rarely so laugh-out-loud hysterical. Check out her pursuit of the wizened Harvard prof of withered brain, Samuel Huntington. He's the old coot who's sounding the alarm that the Mexicans (of all people) are stealing our country away from White Anglo-Saxon Protestants, to whom, Huntington assures us, it rightfully belongs. Solomon is skeptical, and finds it too, too easy to work up old Huntington to a froth. Having established his WASPishness ("The Huntingtons arrived in Boston in 1633"), she asks him:
Do you think that there is any truth to the stereotypical view of WASP's as emotionally cold people?

Wait a minute. You're talking about people. I am not talking about people. I am talking about ideas and practices.

What do you say to the fact that about 10 percent of the U.S. soldiers serving in Iraq are Hispanic?

Again you are talking about people.

What else is there besides people?
What indeed? Thank you, Ms. Solomon, for shedding such a strong light on such a murky old waspnest encrusted mind. How could anyone take him seriously enough to bother to put together a whole panel debunking him? (See blog for 4/22, below.) The man is a self-parody. See the whole silly interview: Three Cheers for Assimilation

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