Ghouls & goblins for Kerry!
At least, that was the message of many of the revelers in last night's Halloween Parade up 6th Avenue (a.k.a. Avenue of the Americas) in Greenwich Village. One float featured a mammoth Uncle Sam doll spanking a George W. Bush doll, and other fiendishly-costumed creatures were, contrary to type, carrying signs opposing death and bloodshed in Iraq or elsewhere. Clearly these were but fake ghouls and goblins; the real ones are in the White House.

Tomorrow is the Day of the Dead (a.k.a. All Soul's Day). I am hoping that the spirits of all those who created America's great liberal tradition -- George Washington, Samuel Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Abigail Adams, Sojourner Truth, Abraham Lincoln, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and all the others -- will rise from their graves to guide voters that day, lest we all tumble into a dark and hellish cave.

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