A peek into mad America

A link from another site got me to the Drudge Report, which was like peeking into the fantasies of Hieronymus Bosch (except that Bosch's madness was more coherent). First I found an ad for a pamphlet proving that global warming is all a big lie. We'll all be able to drive our SUVs all the way to heaven (special provision in the Rapture). NewsMax.com: America's News Page But for truly concentrated looniness, check out the designed-to-offend T-shirts.

(Wait a minute, that's all wrong! Drudge's site is in almost every sense the opposite of Bosch: Drudge features chaotic and higgledy-piggledy ad placement instead of an artistic sense of harmony and disharmony, highlights safe prejudices instead of dangerous passions, and anxieties about homosexuals, liberals, immigrants, feminists, whatever instead of the true terror being or becoming the most monstrous "Other" of all-- the anti-Christ or one of his minions-- without knowing it. So despite my first misguided metaphor, I'll leave the image up here, because Bosch is so much more interesting to look at.)

Image from Web Museum

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