Capture the flag

Our warmest congratulations to all of us who worked hard to overcome the ceaseless propaganda, prevarication and vote-manipulation of the Bush-Cheney cabal to regain our U.S. Congress for the U.S. people. Now let's hold the Democrats to higher standards, to prove a real check on presidential power, eliminate torture as national policy, and restore an American politics of optimism in place of the politics of fear!

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Anonymous said...

The election results are good news no doubt for the reasons Geoff listed. But in many ways Tweedle Dee has defeated Tweedle Dumb. Tweedle Dee is a little smarter, but the difference does not run deep.

Neither has as a goal world disarmament. No one is safe as long as armed a nations exist on the plantlet.

Neither has a goal elimination of disparities of wealth and power. Most people lead unsatisfactory lives as long as some are rich when they are poor

Neither has as a goal humankind living within the means of the planet. Time is running out.