Anti-Bush T-Shirts

Thanks to Ivan Light for forwarding this list. Now go out and print your own!

Ulysses S. Grant: No Longer Our Worst President

(on an infant's shirt): Already smarter than Bush.

That's OK, I Wasn't Using My Civil Liberties Anyway

Bush. Like a Rock. Only Dumber.

Killing For Peace Is Like Screwing For Virginity

You Can't Be Pro-War And Pro-Life

If You Can Read This, You're Not the President

Of Course It Hurts: You're Getting Screwed by an Elephant

George Bush: Creating the Terrorists Our Kids Will Have to Fight

(over a photo of Bush) Electile Dysfunction

America: One Nation, Under Surveillance

They Call Him "W" So He Can't Misspell It

Which God Do You Kill For?

Jail to the Chief

No, Seriously, Why Did We Invade Iraq?

Bush: God's Way of Proving Intelligent Design is Full of Crap

Bad President! No Banana.

We Need a President Who's Fluent In At Least One Language

We're Making Enemies Faster Than We Can Kill Them

Is It Vietnam Yet?

Guess What? Bush Doesn't Care About Poor White People Either

When Bush Took Office, Gas Was $1.46

The Republican Party: Our Bridge to the 11th Century

What Part of Bush Lied Don't You Understand?

Bush Lost Iraq. Deal With It

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