Apocalypse now - April 6 Sneak Attack On Iran By Bush

Be forewarned. If the Russkies have got this right, we're all in big, big trouble. Operation Bite - April 6 Sneak Attack On Iran By Bush The Novosti (Russian News & Information Agency) article cited is available in French but not (apparently) in the English-language version of the website. RIA Novosti - International - Le Pentagone va attaquer des cibles militaires iraniennes (expert russe)

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BolivarianInca said...

Images spring forth from the Kubrick classic film, "Dr. Stranglove, or how I learned to love the bomb."

At least you will be some of the last in the northern hemisphere to receive your own personal dose of radioactivity from the Iranian "nucular" centers we "take out." Interesting concept, taking out.

Just where in the hell is the exploded nucular material supposed to go? Directly underground, safely, at the site of the explosions? Alas, not.