New pub of an older story

In other news, I've just been invited to include one of my stories in an upcoming anthology of fiction by Harvard and Yale alumni, proceeds to go to "Doctors Without Borders". It's a strange story that still surprises me. It appeared originally in the online journal milk. Here it is in that version: On a Page from Rilke.


Dirk van Nouhuys said...

I liked it this story a lot until the end. It seemed to go along opening out and out. It could go on somehow the three women being avatars. That would take some inspired writing to make it work. But dragging him away as crazy, certifiable at any rate, closed it down, trivialized it for me.

Baltasar Lotroyo said...

Hmm. I'll think about that. I've already revised the ending slightly for the new publication, but I'm not sure the change will meet your objection. Thanks for your honest reaction.