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Recommended site for all those who, like me, don't want to see the continuation of practices that destroy the earth in the name of free enterprise. Such as, for example, was exposed in the "Potosí" show at the Reina Sofía Museum this spring (link below).

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Check out the report on CAFTA (Central American Free Trade Agreement) and this pdf. "Backgrounder" which begins:
Pacific Rim Mining Corp., a Canadian-based multinational firm, sought to establish a massive gold mine using water-intensive cyanide ore processing in the basin of El Salvador’s largest river, Rio Lempa. … In December 2008, the firm filed a claim under the Central America Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA), demanding hundreds of millions in compensation from one of the hemisphere’s poorest countries.

Also see:
Potosí and us — my review of "the complex, exhausting, sometimes exhilarating exhibition at the Museo Reina Sofía, Principio Potosí / ¿Cómo podemos cantar el canto del Señor en tierra ajena?"

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