Labors of self-promotion

I've just spent the whole day updating (and renaming) my website, now called Fiction & Social Thought (I thought it would be too confusing to have two "Literature & Society" pages).  Please take a look and let me know what you think. It was time for an overhaul, especially now that I have a new novel out.

And for those few of you who have read it in advanced copies, now that it is at Amazon, be the first (or the second or the third) to review it! Please!

P.S. The image of the book cover (left) sometimes comes up and sometimes doesn't. If not, try refreshing your screen.


RD said...

This is a wonderful epic which takes the reader to a time and place that is in the distant past but it is so real that you won't know that it isn't NOW. The characters are passionate and true. The events flow like molten gold and sear like fire. If you liked The Tudors or other historical novels you will truly love this.If you have not read any lately, you are missing a lot of excitement. Please read this wonderful book; the author has researched his facts and pour his imagination into a tale you won't soon forget.

Baltasar Lotroyo said...

And that said by a writer who is no slouch herself. Thanks very much for the plug, RD.