The strengths of Europe

A look on the brighter side.

The Supreme Strengths of Europe by Stephan Richter and Martin Sieff - The Globalist

It's all true, we do have much less inequality here (in Europe — I'm writing from Spain) and even the poorest are nowhere near as poor as millions of people in India or China or other countries, or even in the poorer areas of the US. If these 27 countries could only get together on major issues like defense or economic policy, Europe could again be a power, and this time (unlike the era of imperialism) for good.

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Dirk van Nouhuys said...

His point is well taken about India, where I have traveled some. When I talk to people about traveling to India I always say it is not like going to a country, e.g. France or Mexico, but like going to Europe. India is divided into many states with differing political histories, different cultures, and 17 official languages and counting. Yet no one speaks of its breaking apart. The unity is not maintained without cost. There are various revolutionary movements, which are constantly at war with the Indian Army, for instance an independence movement in Assam, where tourists are not allowed. Not to mention Kashmir and the Naxelites. Never the less it remains a country. My knowledge of China is considerably less, but I know that at times in history is been divided into separate states, it’s borders are uncertain, and it contains a great variety of cultures and languages.