Authors Sign eBooks Electronically - NYTimes.com

What great ideas! For all the Kindle and Smashwords readers of A Gift for the Sultan (and other things that I will be publishing shortly — watch this space).

Authors Sign eBooks Electronically - NYTimes.com

By the way, if you're hesitant about shelling out $4.99 for this e-book (even though you've seen the reader reviews and know that lots of other people really liked it), you can download a sample free in either Kindle or Smashwords. With the latter you get the first 20% (with Kindle a little less) — enough to either whet your appetite or (in the unfortunate and less likely case) to tell you that it's not for you.

If you're reading your e-books on an iPad or Nook or anything but a Kindle, Smashwords is your best bet: click here.

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