Anybody still there?
We're back! Bear, Lion, Glib and your host, GF (for background on all of us, see Our Editorial Team). We were incomunicados (pardon my Spanish) for a few days, due to some erroneous settings we entered after switching to our new domain host, the Authors Guild. (Fellow authors: if you're eligible to join the AG, they've got a great deal going; I'm saving more $$ on website hosting than I'm paying in annual dues.) But thanks to the friendly support folks at Blogger, we're back on the electron waves. (Gee, this blog is full of advertising, isn't it? Well, they -- in particular a chap named Graham at Blogger, and the web wizards Tenchi and John at the AG -- were a big help and deserve some credit.)

As you've probably figured out by now, Bear, Lion and Glib live mainly in my head, just the way somebody he calls "God" lives mainly in Gen. Boykin's head (see post below). Of course, as soon as Boykin or I can get you thinking about them, they'll start living in your head, too. Or at least drop by for a visit. So I guess it would be all right to speak of these three buddies of mine as my gods (they don't mind). The only difference between them and most people's gods is that I know I made them up -- which doesn't make them any less real.

But it does make me acknowledge an error in my previous post. I spoke too quickly, without consulting my furry deities. It is not true that if left to themselves, "Tlaloc (of the Aztecs) could probably get along quite peacefully with Ganesh (of the Hindus) or Jehova (who comes in various versions) or Estarte or Venus or Inti or Allah." Bear and Lion have both informed me that they get extremely uncomfortable sharing space in my head with Tlaloc, who not only has a nasty temper (he keeps shooting torrents of water at Lion), but -- to Bear's great annoyance -- continuously jabbers in Nahuatl, which none of the four of us understands (though Glib pretends to).

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