She speaks for all of us
"Us" being people who care about humanity and who are trying to puzzle out what we can do against the horrible abuses and deceptions or our elected or, in the case of the US, unelected leaders. I have been listing to Arundhati Roy on WBAI-FM, and felt so moved by her eloquence and clarity (and Amy Goodman's consistently courageous broadcasting) that I even made a small on-line contribution to WBAI's fall fund-raising drive. Maybe you will want to, too. This was the program: Fri., Oct. 24, 9:00-10:30 am: Democracy Now!, with Amy Goodman. Arundhati Roy, acclaimed Indian activist and author of Power Politics, War Talk, and the novel The God of Small Things, gives a speech at Riverside Church in Harlem titled, "Instant-Mix Imperial Democracy, Buy One Get One Free."

Someone (not Roy herself) has set up an Arundhati Roy website, with a lovely photo and links to her writings. There's lots more about and by her on the net.

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