Living on some other planet
This morning's news brings confirmation that the U.S. occupation has accomplished what Saddam Hussein never could: uniting Iraq's Shiites and Sunnis in a common cause. The blundering Bush-Rumsfeld strategy has allowed the U.S. military to be defined as the enemy in a war of national liberation, and all Hell has broken loose. Hanging on is going to become increasingly costly, not just in dollars but in American lives. Meanwhile, from some other planet in a parallel universe, comes this press release:

Washington, DC -- April 6, 2004 -- As the June 30 deadline for the transfer of power to the new Iraqi government draws near, many American small businesses are seeking information on opportunities in the new Iraq. In an effort to promote small business involvement in the reconstruction of Iraq, New Fields today announced the involvement of the U.S. Small Business Administration in the 5th Rebuilding Iraq Conference on June 9-10 in Washington.

Manuel Rosales, Assistant Administrator and head of the SBAís Office of International Trade, will provide information on SBA support for companies with plans for entering Iraq and be available for questions from small businesses attending the event. Similar to previous conferences in the Rebuilding Iraq series, the two day event will also feature success stories from small businesses on the ground in Iraq.

The 5th Rebuilding Iraq Conference builds on New Fields' track record of emphasizing the small business role in the Iraqi reconstruction process. During New Fields' Small Business Opportunities in Iraq Summit in February, representatives from six prime contractors networked with over 500 attendees and provided crucial advice for companies seeking to enter the Iraqi market.

"American small businesses are already the subjects of remarkable success stories in Iraq," said Samir Farajallah, President and CEO of New Fields. "New Fields is honored to provide a forum on June 9-10 for small businesses to network with each other, officials from the SBA, Iraqi companies, and prime contractors."

The 5th Rebuilding Iraq Conference will be followed on June 23-24 by New Fields' first event in London.

To obtain further information about these events, please contact our Washington DC office at 202.496.4976 and in the Middle East call our Dubai office at +971 (4) 268-6870 or visit http://www.new-fields.com

Samir Farajallah is not the only one residing on some other planet. When the World Court declared a few days ago that the death penalties of Mexican citizens in the U.S. who had been denied access to Mexican consular officials had to be re-examined, the governor of Texas declared, "The World Court doesn't have jurisdiction in Texas."

Final news item from another planet, but this a much more benign one: Salvagers have confirmed finding the remains of the P38 flown by Antoine Saint-Éxupéry on his last flight. No word yet from the Little Prince, who we presume has rejoined his planet and his rose.

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