The un-Drudge
A 2-month old website is promoting itself as "The liberal alternative to the Drudge Report." For compilations of current news items with a "progressive" slant and lots of links, check out The Raw Story. On their hard-to-find "about" page, the editors say, "The Raw Story was founded as an alternative news directory to provide interesting and relevant news stories of interest to the left-leaning market. We are not, per se, a slanted news source; rather, we draw upon a panoply of news sources and select those stories we think most intriguing to a progressive audience."

So far, they are not paying contributors (so you won't see my byline there), but John Byrne, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief, says "we absolutely intend to when we can, though it's impossible right now to predict when that will be. At this point, we're trying to provide a platform for people to get national exposure of their work. Currently, the site is read by 3,000 unique visitors a day (60,000 hits/day), from all 50 states and more than 80 foreign countries. We hope to create a community of young journalists/artists/etc. who are in league with the mission of the site: providing a refreshing alternative to Drudge and dull corporate media sites."

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