Contradictions of the Israeli campaign

My friends in Ramallah, Lois and Khalil Nakhleh, just sent me the latest article by Jonathan Cook, Five Myths That Sanction Israel's War Crimes. A useful recap in case you get into an argument with anyone who is defending the Israeli attacks. More stuff here: Jonathan Cook's News Archive - Israel Palestine.

I also found this argument partly persuasive, on the unattainable (and undefined) goals of the Israeli bombing campaign: The IDF Will Become Even More Violent: Why Israel is Losing By ASHRAF ISMA'IL. He may be right in very broad terms, but he doesn't seem to know much in detail about Israeli politics. I thought it prudent to check Ha'aretz, where I found this article: Tory MP: Lebanon raid reminiscent of Nazi atrocity on Warsaw ghetto - Haaretz - Israel News. Wow! If they're losing the Tories, it looks like their public relations campaign is not going brilliantly.

This Israeli view of the contradictions of U.S. policy is also interesting: D.C. argument / Operation time - Haaretz - Israel News

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