Dirk (see his icon in the "Followers" box) just sent me this uplifting curiosity: The Phallological Museum. Amusing, but frankly I've always preferred this image: Gustave Courbet's L'origine du monde.

I love this painting, but I'm also fascinated by Courbet for other reasons, so much so that I wrote a short story (in the form of a screenplay), imagining his encounter with another icon of the Paris Commune. Courbet and the Red Virgin was published online by the Copperfield Review in 2001, but since it seems impossible to find old stories in their archives, I've posted it on my website. Maybe you'll enjoy it.

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Dirk van Nouhuys said...

It happens I saw L'origine du monde for the first time a few years ago in the flesh (as twere) in the Musée d'Orsay. Standing in front of it was a middle-aged bourgeois couple looking appalled. The beat goes on.