Goodreads giveaway of "A Gift for the Sultan"

I've just set up this giveaway of A Gift for the Sultan for anybody signed in to Goodreads, available to readers in the US, Canada or Spain. I'm making 5 copies available between now and March 15 (the famous Ides). To get one, you click on the entry box, and Goodreads will decide which of the zillion or so of you fanatics are the lucky winners. If you are in the US or Canada, my son will ship you the book from his home in Arizona; if you are in Spain, I'll ship from my home.

So far there are no reviews of the book on Goodreads. I hope that changes. I do have several reviews, all very good, on Amazon, including a new one just posted today. See Amazon reviews of A Gift for the Sultan. If any of you "Goodreaders" have got around to reading it, I hope you will say something about it on the site.

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