And from the bear

This is not my style, and you won't be hearing much from me, but Fox insisted I drop by to say "Hello."


I see that Glib has already been by, bragging as usual. Yet it's always me who has to pick up the pieces. I'm Ursinius Baer, but I answer -- gruffly -- to several names. I'm not very swift at writing -- you have no idea, probably, how difficult it is to write at a computer if you don't have opposable thumbs -- but I'm very steady and very persistent. Current assignment: research on pre-Columbian civilizations in the "Americas," for the opening chapters of our next nonfiction book, Latin American Architecture and Urbanism. So if Glib or anyone else is going to get in the way, look out! I'm coming through. If you have any research question or want to know more about how a quadruped produces prose, write me.