Bloggers to the rescue!

Strange problems have slowed my blogging, and I can't get any help from Blogger.com (their "knowledge base" doesn't cover my problems, and they warn users of the free blogs that they're not likely to respond to e-mails for a very long time, if ever). So, since they have no user group, maybe I can start one. Any other Bloggers out there? Have you experienced anything like this?

#1. Yesterday I wrote messages, posted & published as usual, and the posting page told me "Transfer successful" -- but now they did not appear on my blog. Must be something in my Settings, I thought, some change that Blogger performed (they said in a note that they upgraded their equipment this past weekend). I fiddled with the Settings, deleting all text from FTP Path (it used to say "weblog.html," which is also what's written in "Blog Filename"), and with that I was able to really publish my note from yesterday (about Robert Merton). If any of you have had a similar problem, maybe you want to try that. I spent a lot of anxious time trying to figure it out, and I still don't understand why or how that setting makes a difference.

#2. A continuing problem: Click on "Archives" and you get a blank page. Used to be you'd get an index, week by week, which you could click on to see the archived messages from that week. I didn't change anything; must be that Blogger did. Right now I have in setting for Archive Path "archive.html", and for Filename "archive". I'm going to try changing that last setting (again -- I've gone back & forth several times trying to get it work, but maybe there's some secret combination) to "archive.html," which is the name it has on the server.

Anyway I'd be happy to hear from other Bloggers, whether happy or frustrated. Maybe somebody can give me advice on whether it's worthwhile to upgrade from free to their $35/year service.

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