A note from the lion

Why, hello! Great to be here. Too bad there are no pictures, but you can see a good one of me on our staff website. That's an old shot -- the mane has gone a bit grayer now, I admit, but I'm told it makes me look distinguished. (Go here for more physical details.)

Anyway, you can listen to Bear grumble and Glib sound off all you or they want, but I'm the cat with the ideas! If you're up for a game of scrabble or anything else diverting, write me! If it's work you're interested in, you're better off contacting Bear -- Ursinius, I mean. And Glib -- well, he's too self-absorbed to know how to party. Girls: I'm single, weigh just under 460 pounds (unlike Bear, I know how to keep trim), in great shape for hunting gazelles, and can quickly find an oasis just for two. I await your gentle roar!