In my article Tuesday are two errors I failed to catch before I sent it in to the Philadelphia Inquirer on Monday. The Spanish vote occurred Sunday, March 14 (not 15, which is the day I was writing the piece), and Galicia is, of course, in the northwestern corner of Spain. See 'Historic reversal' - and a warning


Bombs & ballots in Spain
My interpretation of events in Spain is much more hopeful and radically different from some other pundits today. It's in my op-ed in this morning's Philadelphia Inquirer: 'Historic reversal' - and a warning.

Already I've received my first angry e-mail from a reader, who thinks that 11 million Spaniards and I are wimps and that the Inquirer is America's Pravda (that's because he hasn't read the new Pravda lately, which is not what he thinks -- but that's another story). For an opinion that is the polar opposite of mine (and that misinterprets completely the political dynamics of Spain), see Rewarding Terror in Spain by Edward N. Luttwak in today's NYT.