"Trump Fires Bush"
This is pretty funny: a production by a friend of TrueMajority, as an episode of The Apprentice.
How to stop the killing and get out of Iraq
This argument by Micah L. Sifry in TomPaine.com, Standing Firm, makes more sense than either our babbling Bush or our komplicated Kerry. Bush could win even though we all know he's wrong, just because he's "standing firm" and nobody else -- nobody with real influence -- has a better idea.


Al Qaeda endorses GW Bush
"It is not possible to find a leader more foolish then Bush, who deals with matters by force rather than wisdom. Kerry will kill our nation while it sleeps because he and the Democrats have the cunning to embellish blasphemy and present it to the Arab and Muslim nations as civilisation. Because of this we desire Bush to be elected."

al Qaeda statement, 3/17/04
The friend who forwarded this writes, "I thought this was a joke, but upon looking it up, veracity is supported by this Reuter's story."


In case you had any doubt about presidential inaction
Recommended, from TomPaine.com: Decoding The PDB by Larry C. Johnson. A former CIA analyst—with dozens of PDBs under his belt—looks at whether Bush and Condi were asleep at the switch.


Web vignette
My good friend RD Larson recently posted this very short story (or maybe vignette) of mine on her website: The Saddest Song in the World. It's true, all of it. While you're there, check out the other things on RD's site, including her own stories, which usually have a wry surprise.