Susana & I have just arrived in Mexico, where we will be until September 19 -- mostly in Mexico City, but for a few days at the conference "Seminario de Arquitectura Latinoamericana" in nearby Oaxtepec. Susana's main objective -- besides delivering a paper at the Seminario -- is research on urban developments in the 1940s & 1950s (big things happened during the presidency of Miguel Alemán, 1946-52). I'll focusing on more recent and on-going projects, talking with urbanists and others about efforts to confront Mexico City's big problems by changing the built environment. I'll probably be doing most of my reporting on the Spanish-language blog, but I'll try to share highlights here to. Today we're just getting settled, in the very pleasant, very simple Casa de los Amigos, or "Friends House" (of the Quakers) in the center of the city. Talk to you soon, as things develop.