What I'm up to these days

In case anybody has been wondering why I haven't posted in a while, here's why (paraphrased from a note I just wrote to a friend & fellow writer who was urging me to get more of my stories published).

One, or maybe two or three, things at a time. I think I'm accumulating experience for a new series of stories, just by doing these other new things. Right now the business of running a small business (our land development project), in a place with unfamiliar laws and customs, is absorbing enough. I'm also spending much more time than I used to with friends (mostly Spanish, but also a small crowd of English folk in the area), and discovering (through their recommendations and the reading club in the local public library) novelists I had never read. That's already about three or five things, more if I add the book on architectural history I'm co-writing.

And I also want to write some Spanish stories, meaning stories in and about Spain, and I even think I want to write them in Spanish. I'm not sure about that last, though; writing in Spanish would make them accessible to the people all around me here, and to the many other Spanish-speakers I've come to know over the years. But I don't know yet whether I can get it right, the tone of voice and so on. It should be fun to try. As practice, I've been keeping a blog in Spanish.