Bir Cihan İki Sultan

I'm pleased to announce that the Turkish language version of my novel A Gift for the Sultan is now available from Nokta Kitap publishers in Istanbul.  Just 11.20 Turkish liras (4.76 € or US$6.25).

kitapyurdu: kitap - Bir Cihan İki Sultan & Timur ve Yıldırım'ın Mücadelesi - Geoffrey Fox,Orhan Tuncay, 138186159
(Click on the "kitapyurdu.com" link to see the book, or if it doesn't pop up, type my name in the search box — "Arama" — at top left of the "kitapyurdu.com" page.)

For the original (English language) version, go to Amazon or (e-book only) Smashwords.  For a complimentary review copy, e-book, English (if you think you might review it), just let me know.