Free copy of "Welcome to My Contri"

This highly praised collection of short stories of Latin America is now available again, in an expanded e-book edition.

When the original paperback edition of Welcome to My  Contri appeared in 1989, The New York Times Book Review-er James Polk called it the work of "a formidable new writer."

Original 1989 paperback
New! 2012 e-book on Kindle & Smashwords
Now what the NY Times reviewer called “ This frequently powerful collection of short stories that enters Latin America as if through the rickety back door of a burlesque house has been re-issued in an expanded e-book edition, with a new foreword and two additional stories, published by Thoth Books editorial collective.

Free to readers of the blog until January 2013.  To get your free copy, downloadable in formats including: .mobi (for Kindle), Epub (Nook, iPad, etc.) and others, or as a  pdf. file, go to

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