Review & interview on "Sultan"

Thanks to Roger Lawrence for his good words about the book and his intelligent questions about how I wrote it. He read it in the Smashwords edition and also posted a review there. Take a look at his introductory remarks and the interview at:

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This is the second time a self-proclaimed science fiction fan has said he/she liked A Gift for the Sultan. As Jennifer Pertkus put it in her review (scroll down the Amazon review page to find her), it takes place in a a faraway time and place — but instead of a distant galaxy in the distant future, in Constantinople some 600 years ago — and, as in sci fi, the names will seem strange (except of course to Turks or Greeks). So, if sci fi is your thing, maybe you too will get a kick out of this novel.

And after you've read Roger's interview of me, you may want to look over some of the other entries on his blog.

Thanks for posting, Roger.