Citizens against "the Crisis" in Spain

Fellow writer Don Monkerud sent me this eye-witness account of some of the demonstrations inspired by the 15-M ("15th of May") mobilization in Spain.

ZCommunications | Indignant and Organized: from 15-M to 19-J by David Marty | ZNet Article

Marty's article is a pretty fair evaluation and may help people outside Spain understand the enormous enthusiasm, far beyond the original organizer's expectations, and its rapid spread. Here is what I wrote to Don:
Thanks. Yes, we have been following and even (marginally) participating. I posted a short video of the encampment in the Puerta del Sol, made a few days before election, and on my Spanish blog commented on reactions to the Stéphane Hessel's book that inspired the name "indignados". Later, on my English-language blog, I posted a little essay by Susana on our trip to Galicia and the M-15 demonstrations we saw there.

I love it. The movement, or more accurately mobilization (because "movement" implies some particular direction), is amorphous and multidirectional and no doubt ephemeral, but it is a sign of health. Scores of thousands of people have found their voice and have discovered that they can contest institutional power. These people will nourish innumerable NGOs, small political parties (there are many in Spain) and the more defiant factions of at least two of the three national parties, IU  and PSOE — and probably some will even be active in the (usually stultifying) PP. [The Wikipedia articles are out of date but will give you some background.]