Weblog problems--I've just discovered from a couple of friends that this weblog cannot be viewed as intended on Netscape 7.01 (or earlier versions, apparently) ; it comes up fine in Internet Explorer 5. I studied the template (you can see it too, if you view "source"), but I haven't been able to figure out why. When I looked for Netscape "help" I discovered I'd have to pay $29.00 for a phone call, with no guarantee. But then, checking out "weblog troubleshoot* Netscape" on Google, I saw a report that they had only 3.4% of the users, so I'm not going to give this problem any more time. Too bad, guys (my Netscape-using friends); you won't be able to see this message. Maybe this is an example of why Netscape usage has plummeted. It used to be by far my favorite browser.

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