From Rasha in Beirut

My good friends Khalil and Lois Nakhleh in Ramallah forwarded these letters, which I then found on the web; maybe you've seen them already. They are very moving, intelligent and surprisingly sensible in the midst of the panic from bombings. publish.nyc.indymedia.org | Three Letters from Beirut

Rasha (I presume) must be Rasha Salti, who also wrote these entries in Beirut Diary: April 2005. Khalil & Lois describe themselves thus: "Lois is a Botanical Painter; Khalil is an independent thinker, researcher, and writer." Khalil, an Arab Israeli from a Christian family, was my colleague in the Sociology & Anthropology Department (before becoming independent, he was an anthropologist) at St. John's University in Minnesota about 30 years ago.

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