No further ado

Upon further reflection, I've decided not to insist on creating "conversation" here. Cyberspace is the wrong medium, and if I keep badgering you to say something and then feel obliged to pursue whatever comes up, I might as well change the name of this blog to "Further Ado." Which would in fact be an appropriate name for many blogs.

This one however is returning to its main focus, "Literature & society." I'll continue to post mainly about texts (including movies, novels, etc.) that tell us something about how societies work. If an e-exchange happens, fine, I welcome your comments. But I'm not going to push it. If my own posts are any good, the interesting conversation will be occurring in your head.


Anonymous said...

There is also an excellent movie on the same material from 1988 also called Camille Claudel, and directed by Bruno Nuytten.

Check out:http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0094828/

Anonymous said...

I kind of liked your idea of having a more conversational blog, but put off responding form day to day as other things pushed it aside. So I guess you’re right about conversation.

But another reason, and why I don’t listen to talk shows on the radio, I am not much interested in the opinions of ignorant people like me. To put it another way I am more interested in getting information than knowing what people in general think. So, while I look forward to your thoughts on these subjects, and hope that any comments will be knowledgeable, I am not confident of that. And you satisfied me about Evo Morales. You didn’t give a lot of information, but you did show me the right questions to ask, not that it easy to get the answers.

There has been for me another problem with Blog comments. The only other blog I even occasionally comment on is Karla's (http://calypsospots.blogspot.com/) and sometimes it trashes my comments, they just disappear into deep blog space. That hasn’t happened with yours. It’s not, by the way, that I fail to fill in the funny letters.

Baltasar Lotroyo said...

Thanks for the kind response to my (not terribly informative) not on Evo Morales. I think you're right: the most important thing is to know what questions to ask, as we watch Evo and other processes.