A glimpse into Israeli collective psychosis

Thanks to Lois and Khalil Nakhleh for pointing me to this analysis. It will help us understand a psychopathology in which our U.S. Government has become complicit. A glimpse into Israeli collective psychosis


Anonymous said...

"So what," Gilad Atzmon seems to ask, "so the Israelis will have to move again. They have reacted in the way that they did because their collective conscienceness of anticipating their enemies' reactions is causing them to over-react. So, let them go back to where they originally come from. Some Israelis have started to anyway," Atzmon counsels--as if that would solve anything.
Well, putting aside his convoluted reasoning for one minute, where would Atzmon have the varied populations of the nation of Israel travel back to--
to the East European towns where their great- grandparents were slaughtered---just where exactly?

There was an ugly movement in the US for a while to have the African Americans go "back to where they came from"--sound familar?

Baltasar Lotroyo said...

See my latest entry on this subject, "The One-State Solution." I don't want the Israelis to go anywhere, but I want to stop them from forcing other people out of their homes. A lot of Israelis feel the same way. What is needed is a new democratic state for everybody already there, not a "Jewish state" nor an "Islamic" or "Palestinian state," but one that recognizes all people's rights.