What 'Israel's right to exist' means to Palestinians | csmonitor.com

This piece by John Whitbeck may help clear up some rhetorical confusion. What 'Israel's right to exist' means to Palestinians | csmonitor.com


Anonymous said...

Most countries were formed by war, or seizure of land, or treaty or a combination of the three.

Great Britain wrote a bully-treaty and the rest of the world went along with it. Israel waged and continues to wage horrible and unbalanced war against the Palestinians, in part, because they are being used as poster children for parts of many other revolutionary factions in the Arab world.

Israel is a sovereign nation--was a sovereign nation immediately after its UN radification. But, the Middle East never accepted it . Whatever the disaster is now is the result of that simple fact. Israel tried to protect itself in ways no one approves of --but it shouldn't have had to. What other nation's existence is being questioned in the way that Israel's is?

Let the nations who caused and are causing Israel"s travail provide a homeland for the Palestinians themselves. They are only backing the Palestinians in their travail to continue the struggle, begun when the Jewish state was created, to crush it.

If I belived in a god I would ask: Let the poor Palestinians be. Let Israel be. Give the Palestinians a homeland. Let Israel stand as a nation.
Make those who are making the Palestinians posterchildren for their own battles withdraw and put their great oil-wealth into reparations for that embattled civilation. And leave Israel alone.

Baltasar Lotroyo said...

Q. "What other nation's existence is being questioned in the way that Israel's is?"
A. Abkhazia, Kurdistan, Kosovo, Tamil Eelam, Euskadi, Somalilandia and at least a dozen others, all ethnically-based nations with claims to statehood and all engaged in or subjected to extreme violence. The whole concept of a state based on special privileges for one ethnic group is utterly antidemocratic & in the long run unsustainable. That goes for Israel as well as for the Basques, Tamils, Kurds & others.

Anonymous said...

Israel is already a nation.

So where does your comment leave the Palestinians?