The Middle East Times - International

My thanks to friend César Chelala for this article on the so-called "Peace Process":
The Middle East Times - International

I think he's right in his analysis, and I've sent him this comment about the overabundant press attention to the issue:

We are now almost overwhelmed with messages about this conflict, a lot of heat and too little light. Things are changing there — Netanyahu's base is eroding, his new alliances forcing him to break with the older ones, and any such shift creates little openings which a smart opposition could exploit. But of course the opposition is too busy fighting among themselves, Hamas against Fatah, each against its own internal Palestinian critics, Israeli peaceniks like Amos Oz unwilling to join forces with Israeli Arab parties, all of which leaves an agile opportunist like Netanyahu free to cobble together whatever kind of coalition can keep him in office. And meanwhile, the settlements keep encroaching on Palestinian land, making a peaceful settlement ever more difficult.

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