Venezuela opposition goes over the top--Now they're calling for assassination! A friend who knows and loves Venezuela well forwarded this web page. She writes: "This is outrageous and disgusting. A genuine opposition exists, and in large numbers, to the leadership of Hugo Chávez, mostly because he cannot or will not function in the confines of democratic accountability to further much needed changes in Venezuelan society. However, reactionary elements, apparently controlling opposition policy for their own agendas, have 'outclassed' President Chavez with their own arrogant ways. This is too bad. There can be no meeting of the minds with mindless behaviour rampant all 'round, i.e. mindless of the greater good. It looks like nothing more than spoiled brats squaring off, each with the attitude of 'if it can't be mine, there's going to be nothing left for you'. God help us."

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