Since I put up the note yesterday about Jubie Henderson and Fulton, KY, I've heard more from the Henderson family. The Jubie I knew is alive and well and living outside Memphis, TN. His father, also Jubie, was the artist who died some years ago. From the e-mails (from Jubie Jr.'s son and one of his brothers), they all seem like very friendly people.


Kathy Puckett Feldt said...

I have known the Hendersons since I was a very small child living in Fulton (Riceville) Kentucky. My name is Kathy Puckett Feldt and my father owned and operated the Ace Cab, which was located by the old train depot, just up from the Turner Dairies. I would love to find a Henderson work. I have nothing of his, although I have had during my life. After going through a very unstable first marriage, I , unfortunately left behind a lot of stuff that would have meant much to me, but that was not worth as much as my health and safety. I have moved back local to my home town and tho I was sure I would never be happy here, I have come to feel different. If I can help you with any info I will certainly try.
Kathy Feldt
Daughter of Verble and Betty Puckett
Granddaughter of Horace and Pearl Puckett and Myrtle Wilson

Baltasar Lotroyo said...

I'm glad to hear from you, Kathy. If you're in touch with the younger Jubie Henderson, the one who helped us out at his service station, tell him I said "Hi!" and remember him fondly.

Anonymous said...

I am a decendant of Jubie Henderson, Sr.
My father was James E. Henley, my grandmother was a Henderson, related to Jubie. My father never really gave out much information on the connections. I guess he thought we must have known? Unfortunately both parents took much of those connections with them when they passed away from Alzheimers disease.

When I was little we went to visit our Kentucky relatives, Henley's and the Henderson's and saw Jubies work. My mother took home several signed prints/lithos and a little carved bird. It was a very nice trip. I still have these items with me. Another relative does as well.

My mother (M. Kathi) passed in 2008 and father just passed in 2009.

I would love to find the family members that are long lost. Can you help connect me?
I would love to locate more of Jubie's artwork as well.

Thank you.
James & M. Kathi Henley family

Baltasar Lotroyo said...

Sorry, James & Kathi. All I know about the family is what you see on this blog. Maybe you should try to reach Kathy Puckett Feldt, who posted an earlier comment.