The perfect idiot
In our view (editorial "we" -- this is the opinion of all of us, Lion, Bear, Glib & Fox), Alvaro Vargas Llosa -- son and literary heir of Mario -- has just demonstrated himself to be the perfect Latin American idiot, with his column in La Tercera (Chile) bestowing that label on such as Eduardo Galeano, Evo Morales, Hebe Bonafini, et alii. These are all people who believe that the system that has given Alvaro his great privileges can and should be changed. As I recall, Marie Antoinette held a similar view.

Regarding Alvaro, as they say in his native Perú, "Tenía a quién salir -- de tal palo, tal astilla." We now have a little dynasty of stylish cynics, so disconnected from the real world (as evidenced by papa Mario's foolish run for presidency of Peru a few years back) that, to preserve their high opinon of themselves, they have to call other people "idiots."

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