Sound and fury
My friend Diana Wright is in Puget Sound, where she got to see a spectacular celestial show the other night. Besides saying "Wow!" she transmitted this AP story by DONNA GORDON BLANKINSHIP on the meteor shower: Meteor Light, Sound Rare Over Puget Sound

Here in Gotham, we've had nothing but rainstorms alternating with bursts of sunlight. For a little meteorological excitement, we went to see "The Day After Tomorrow," and watched the waves rise up to Lady Liberty's torch before the whole city froze over. Great scenes from inside the NY Public Library, one of my favorite places. The filmmakers blew all plausibility at the end, though: they had the Dick Cheney-like character say he was sorry (about having permitted the mass destruction of life by ignoring warnings of the catastrophe). The real Dick Cheney would never say he was sorry. It was also a mite implausible that, after everybody surviving in the U.S. had been evacuated to Mexico, the United States still had a government to make such pronouncements.

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